Examining protein folding process simulations and searching for common structure motifs in a protein family as experiments in the GridSpace2 Virtual Laboratory

Authors: Malawski MaciejBubak Marian Irena Roterman

Year: 2012

Flexible and extendable mechanism enabling secure access to e-infrastructures and storage of confidential data for the GridSpace2 virtual laboratory

Authors: Jan Meizner Eryk Ciepiela Piotr Nowakowski Joanna KocotMalawski MaciejBubak Marian

Year: 2012

GridSpace2 – virtual laboratory on top of PL-Grid computational resources

Authors: Tomasz Bartyński Eryk Ciepiela Grzegorz Dyk Tomasz Gubała Daniel HarężlakMalawski Maciej Marek Kasztelnik Joanna Kocot Jan MeiznerBubak Marian Piotr Nowakowski

Year: 2012

Implementation of service level management in PL-Grid infrastructure

Authors: Tomasz Szepieniec Małgorzata Tomanek Marcin Radecki Magda SzopaBubak Marian

Year: 2012

Managing entire lifecycles of e-science applications in the GridSpace2 virtual laboratory – from motivation through idea to operable Web-accessible environment built on top of PL-Grid e-infrastructure

Authors: Eryk Ciepiela Piotr Nowakowski Joanna Kocot Daniel Harężlak Tomasz Gubała Jan Meizner Marek Kasztelnik Tomasz BartyńskiMalawski MaciejBubak Marian

Year: 2012

Scripting language extensions offered by the GridSpace experiment platform

Authors: Daniel Harężlak Marek Kasztelnik Eryk CiepielaBubak Marian

Year: 2012

Automation of system monitoring based on fuzzy logic or rules; comparison of two designed approaches with regard to computational infrastructures

Authors: Funika Włodzimierz Filip SzuraKitowski Jacek

Year: 2012

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