Advanced system integration techniques


Aim of the course

The primary objective is to teach the ability to analyze the problem of integration in different contexts and using different approaches, as well as the knowledge of selected methodologies and tools that can be used for this purpose.

Lecture programme

Overview of systems integration: vertical integration horizontal and star-shaped (eg ESB). Technologies used for integration - types and standards. Presentation of integration design patterns. A brief overview of basic techniques based on XML: DTD, XML Schema, XPath, XPointer, XLink, XSLT. ebXML. Modeling and implementation of business processes: BPMN, BPEL, CDL. An example of the integration approach used in SOA - Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI. Knowledge representation and description of the functionality of systems using ontological approaches: RDF, rdfs, OWL, WSDL-S SAWSDL, OWL-S, WSMO. The methods and languages of automatic programming: STRIPS, ADL, PDDL. Elements of dynamic composition and useful tools: editors, ontology repositories, matchers, planners, etc. Presentation of selected system architectures and existing solutions. Stages of the integration process.

Overview of the course elements

As part of the laboratory classes there will be presented and used some technologies, middleware and languages. Integration-oriented ones: approach based on BPEL and CDL and solutions based on the semantic description of elements. In addition to a set of laboratory excercises there will be realised a study of issues involving the choice of methodologies for integration, and then a description of system components and appropriate implementations of integration projects.

Reading list

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