Basics of database systems


Aim of the course

Introduction to the problems of data processing systems using database technologies. Learning the life-cycle of database systems, taking into account the modelling principles of data spaces, real processes (transactions) and principles of general-purpose application development. Gaining the skills for creating well-designed relational database models and efficient use of the SQL language.

Lecture programme

Introduction to the issues of systems for collecting, storing and processing od mass data. Foundations of database technologies including the basic functions of database management systems and databases languages. Foundations of relational database model and relation algebra language. Modeling of reality - a conceptual model and principles of its design. Logical and implementation model of relational database. Principles of correct building of logical relational model, normalization process of schema. The concept of extended entity model and its implementation in the relational model. Integrity terms. System implementation of database protection against unauthorized access. Database languages. SQL. Life cycle of database systems - methods and tools for implementation of subsequent stages of the system. Basic tools and environments for implementation of database systems. Multi-level architecture of database systems (distribution of processing, client/server architecture).

Overview of the course elements

Within laboratory classes - learning all the basic SQL language constructs. Design projects intended to gain skills related to the analysis of processes and data as the basis for the implementation of conceptual and logical models of relational databases. The implementation process of normalization of relational database schemas. Example realizations of complete small database applications in different environments while using different techniques and tools for their implementation.

Reading list

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