Communication and techniques of management


Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to introduce methods of oral and written communication, and basic methods of group-oriented decision-making and problem solving.ia problemów.

Lecture programme

Definition and models of professional communication, communication in a group, basic properties, formal and informal communication networks, improving communication in group work. The formation of groups based on group tension, the organization of groups, group leadership, improving communication in the group, the concept of organizational culture. Communication management in an organization (the group), the problem of group thinking (herd), the problem of conflicts, conflict resolution, negotiation. Basic methods of teamwork, group-oriented problem solving and decision-making, reflective thinking method, the method of brainstorming. Organization of meetings, types of meetings, preparation of meetings, plan of conducting meetings based on the bell graph (E.J. Tropmann), techniques of discussion. Preparation of effective speech, the ability of persuasion, speech plan, iits implementation. Basics of writing business letters, basic form of business letter, for example, the ability of selling based on capabilities presentation, interview, cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV).

Overview of the course elements

Laboratory classes allow to practice the techniques of communication and decision-making methods, in particular (three topics to choose from): Preparation of an effective speech on a given topic, and confidently to lead the discussion. Preparation of an effective meeting to resolve a problem and decision-making. Prepare and conduct meetings - brainstorming on a given temat. Prepare and conduct negotiations to resolve a given conflict. Prepare efficient and skillful persuasion at the time of lecture and discussion. Prepare a proper business letter e.g. cover letter.

Reading list

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2. Z. Nęcki,” Komunikacja niewerbalna, w: Z. Nęcki, Negocjacje w biznesie”, Kraków 2005
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4. Leathers Dale G. “Komunikacja niewerbalna” ( Successful Nonverbal Communication; Principles)
and Applications) Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa, 2007

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