Computational methods in science and engineering I


Aim of the course

This subject introduces the basic numerical methods, their algorithms, basic features, complexity, and the implementations of these algorithms. It also presents numerical libraries and packages designed to solve computational problems in science and technology.

Lecture programme

Introduction to numerical methods, showing when they are useful. Computer Arithmetics. Interpolation. Splines. Approximation. Integration: Newton-Cotes’ and Gauss’ methods. Numerical solution of systems of linear equations. Solving nonlinear equations and their systems. Overview of numerical libraries and packages computing. Introduction to Mathematica.

Overview of the course elements

Auditorium classes are aimed to consolidate and extend the knowledge delivered during lectures. Students will be able to choose numerical algorithms to meet user requirements and implement them with numerical libraries and computing packages.

Reading list

1. Kincad D., Cheney W.: Numerical analysis
2. R. L. Burden, J.D. Faires: Numerical Analysis
3. Z. Fortuna, B. Macukow, J. Wąsowski: Numerical methods
4. W.H. Press, B.P.Flannery, S.A. Teukolsky, W.T. Vetterling: Numerical Recipes

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