Data Base Management Systems


Aim of the course

Gaining of skills and competencies in the internal structure and operation rules of relational database management systems. Presentation of the problems to be solved when implementing and running these systems.

Lecture programme

DBMS Architecture: disk structures, memory structures, processes. The structure of DBMS disk area, disk space management, the partitioning of data. Methods of effective access to data, types, structure and methods of use of indices, B-trees, hash indices, bitmap indices, net. Transaction processing, ACID, methods to ensure the atomicity and durability of transactions, log systems, logging of redo/undo, wal (write-ahead logging). Management of simultaneous access, ensuring the independence of transactions, sequencing, levels of isolation, locks, versioning. Processing and optimization of SQL queries, design and operation of costing optimizer. Optimizing the performance of DBMS. The specifics of the storage and processing of spatial data, GIS. Storage and processing of XML data. Distributed databases, distributed transactions, two-phase locking of transactions, data replication. Data security, backup and restore, mirroring, RAID, replicas, clustered architecture. Parallel processing in database systems.

Overview of the course elements

The course involves laboratory classes with elements of projects. They strengthen extend the knowledge taught during the lectures. During the laboratory classes, general issues presented at lectures are augmented with practical knowledge associated with specific modern DBMS implementations (such as Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.). These issues relate to the configuration, "tuning" and use of RDBMS. The projects aim to show how to exploit the possibilities of modern DBMS for efficient data processing in terms of different IT projects.

Reading list

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