Data processing in mobile environments


Aim of the course

Gaining skills and competencies in building systems and database applications dedicated to mobile platforms.

Lecture programme

The architecture of database management systems dedicated to mobile devices. Disk structures, memory, processes, methods for efficient access to data taking into account the hardware and software constraints of modern mobile devices and platforms. Comparison of mobile DBMS with their full server versions. Models for transaction processing mobile database systems.Typical problems of cooperation between mobile devices and central database systems. Problems and principles of synchronization and data replication on-line and off-line. Architecture and APIs of major mobile platforms (Windows Mobile / Windows Phone, Android, J2ME, Blackberry, iPhone). Principles, possibilities, constraints and patterns for creating mobile systems and database applications. The use of specific extensions for mobile devices (modules GPS) and their use in creating database spatial solutions (GIS).

Overview of the course elements

The course includes laboratory classes. The content of the labs consolidates and extends the knowledge taught at the lecture. During the laboratory classes the issues presented at the lectures are expanded by practical knowledge associated with the creation of database systems and data processing for today's mobile platforms (J2ME, Iphone, Windows Mobile / Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android) and DBMS implementations for mobile devices (e.g., SQL Server CE, mobile mysql, Oracle Database Lite Mobile) These are addressed the issues related to the configuration, "tuning" and operation of mobile DBMS. During the classes, students design and implement elements of data processing systems in mobile environments.

Reading list

1. V.Kumar, Mobile Database Systems,Villey, 2006
2. Andy Wigley; Daniel Moth; Peter Foot, Mobile Development Handbook, 2007
3. Valentino Lee; Heather Schneider; Robbie Schell, Mobile Applications: Architecture, Design, and Development,2004
4. A.Silberschatz, H.F. Korth, S. Sudarshan,""Database System Concepts"", McGrow Hill, 2006.

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