Database Systems


Aim of the course

The primary goal is to gaint skills of using database technology to build general-purpose systems based on various techniques and tools while complying with the formal principles of "life-cycle of database system" and get acquainted with diverse architectures of modern database systems (multi-level and distributed architectures) and the directions of their further evolution

Lecture programme

The life cycle of database systems - methods and techniques of stages of system development. Overview of database architectures including multi-tiered client/server architectures and database distribution. Replicating databases and distributed transactions. Nonrelational database models - development of models tailored to the needs and conditions of this development (hierarchical, network, object-oriented, specialized for multimedia databases, XML, or GIS). Directions of development of database systems - Data Warehousing and the principles of implementation of OLAP servers (logical modeling and implementation of these models). Selected legal issues of the development and exploitation of database systems.

Overview of the course elements

Within laboratory classes – familiarizing with the implementation of complete database systems using different development environments, languages, and techniques. Implementation and documenting of the consequent elements of the project including the ways how to choose them - starting with the methodology and system architecture, up to environments, application techniques and languages. Learning various development environments for database systems (MS, Oracle, BD2, and others including non-profit ones). Gaining skills in planning the development and documenting own projects.

Reading list

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