Dcentralized and agent systems


Aim of the course

The aim of course is to acquaint the student with the class of systems which characterize the decentralization, dictated by the autonomy of its components - agents.

Lecture programme

Introduction to agent systems: subject, origin, typology of agents and agent systems, applications. Basic concepts and definitions: the definition of agent, agent system, basic properties of system. Neighborhood and environment of agent system, spatiality, resources. Rationality of agents: the mechanism of choice of action, reactive agent, agent with a strategy. Objective (strategy) of agent system, the concept of system integrity (functional and in terms of resources). Communicating agents. Aspects of communication: transport layer, protocol interaction, ontology. Open communication systems - FIPA. KQML: syntax and semantics, examples of protocols. Self-organizing agents. Negotiation, auction. Information agents as implementation of the contact with the environment. The specification of virtual agent systems: decomposition as analysis tool, the tasks of Level I (system) and II (the agent). Specification of the kernel algorithm - ASM. The rules of the agent: symbolic reasoning, algorithmic response to the impact of the environment, the mixed principle.

Overview of the course elements

Laboratory classes allow to practice the systems built according to the agent paradigm, the acquisition of the principles for their design and implementation.

Reading list

1. Cetnarowicz K.: Problemy projektowania i realizacji systemów wieloagentowych. UWND AGH 1999
2. Dobrowolski G.: Technologie agentowe w zdecentralizowanych systemach informacyjno- decyzyjnych. UWND AGH 2002
3. Wooldridge M.J.: An Introduction to Multiagent Systems. John Wiley & Sons 2002
4. Weiss G. (red.): Multiagent Systems: A Modern Approach to Distributed Artificial Intelligence. The MIT Press 1999
5. F. Bellifemine, G. Caire, D. Greenwood. Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE. John Wiley & Sons, 2007

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