Environments for Network Services Implementation


Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to present theoretical and practical aspects of building systems that implement network services, and software environments for implementation of these systems. The lecture relates to the environments based on distributed component technologies and the SOA model. An important element of the course is to show students the basics of using semantics in the design of these systems.

Lecture programme

Systems components - basic concepts, technology, EJB 2.x Types of EJB, EJB life cycle, configuring EJB servers. Technology EJB 3.0, EJB patterns. CORBA Components (CCM) - IDL 3.0, types of components of CCM, life cycle, building applications in the CCM technology. Comparison of CCM and EJB. Pattern IoC and DI. Lightweight containers. Construction and use Spring container. Organization of portal systems - portlets, remote portlets - JSR 168. SOA and its importance in the construction of software systems. Technology of Web Service (WS). SOAP, WSDL, UDDI. WS-*. Principles of construction of applications based on services - composition and choreography. Business processes - BPEL. Technology of integration of services-based systems - EAI, ESB. Patterns of EAI software. Semantic WS - ontologies, RDF, OWL, WSMO. Fundamentals of building autonomous systems. Systems managed by policies. Importance of modeling in developing software systems - MDA. Management of software systems - JMX technology.

Overview of the course elements

The course is accompanied by laboratory classes, where students in a practical wayimplement simple applications using the technologies discussed at the lecture, such as EJB, CMM. Portlets, JMX, WS *, and ESB. Additional extension of the laboratory classes is aimed to implement, in groups of 2-3 students, a greater information task based on one of the known technologies. Correctness of implementation is constantly supervised and verified by the person who leads the classes and this enables to better understand and consolidate a selected area of interest.

Reading list

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