Microprocessor systems 1


Aim of the course

Understanding what modern microprocessor systems are and how operate regardless of their level of sophistication. Discuss the principles of construction and operation of microprocessors, memory and input/output systems. Show the connections between them and external devices operating in the computer systems.

Lecture programme

Components of the microprocessor system. Basic concepts: instruction, word, address space, control signals, bus. Organization of a simple computer: inter-register messages and micro-operations, control functions, microcommands, memory control. Evolution of a computer system - from the sequential processing to the superscalar architecture. Processing parallelism carried out at different levels. Multithreaded processing. Multi-tasking and working in virtual mode. Memory management and protection. Segmentation and paging. Cache. Resolving conflicts. Conditional jump prediction mechanism and change the order of micro-operations execution, register allocation unit. Multiprocessor and multi-core solutions. Memories used in systems. Programmable input/output circuits.

Overview of the course elements

Within laboratory classes students learn various elements of microprocessor system starting with processors through programmable input-output systems, ending with different external devices connected to the system and their maintenance. Sample topics of the classes are - the structure of microcomputer, basic programming of ARM microcontrollers in C language, programming AVR microcontrollers in BASIC, cooperation of microcontrollers with DAC and ADC converters and other devices.

Reading list

1. A. Skorupski – „Podstawy budowy i działania komputerów”- WKŁ 2000
2. P.Metzger, A.Jełowiecki, - Anatomia PC - Helion 2008
3. W. Stallings - Organizacja i architektura systemu komputerowego - WNT 2000
4. M. Mano - Architektura komputerów - WNT 1980

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