Microprocessor systems 2


Aim of the course

Understanding what modern microprocessor systems are and how they operate regardless of their level of sophistication. Discuss the principles of construction and operation of microprocessors, memory and input-output systems. Show the connections between them and to external devices operating in computer systems.

Lecture programme

Components of the microprocessor system. Basic concepts: instruction, word, address space, control signals, bus. Organization of a simple computer: inter-register passing and microoperations, control functions, microcommands, memory control. Evolution of a computer system - from the sequential processing to the superscalar architecture. Processing parallelism carried out at different levels. Multithreaded processing. Multi-tasking and working in virtual mode. Memory management and protection. Segmentation and paging. Cache. Resolving conflicts. Conditional jump prediction mechanism and change the order of micro-operations execution, register allocation unit. Multiprocessor solutions. Memory used in systems. Programmable input/output systems.

Overview of the course elements

In the course of project execution of individual projects in teams of 2-3 people to acquire practical skills in constructing simple microprocessor systems even more complex but realized based on the technology of programmable logic (PLD). Examples of projects are usually remotely controlled vehicles of mobile robots type, intelligent building control and the practical realization of various individual ideas for simple embedded systems.Additionally it is possible to learn to carry out simple activities such as the design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, soldering of even very complex elements e.g. SMD.

Reading list

1. A. Skorupski – „Podstawy budowy i działania komputerów”- WKŁ 2000
2. P.Metzger, A.Jełowiecki, - Anatomia PC - Helion 2008
3. W. Stallings - Organizacja i architektura systemu komputerowego - WNT 2000
4. M. Mano - Architektura komputerów - WNT 1980

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