Symbolic computation I


Aim of the course

The skills and competencies in creating programs in dynamic programming languages. Mastering the basic idioms of languages Python, Ruby and Groovy. Practical usage of dynamic languages on the example of selected frameworks (Rails, Django).

Lecture programme

The syntax of dynamic languages, Python, Ruby and Groovy. Typification. Obiect-orientedness and reflection in a dynamic approach. Advantages and disadvantages of dynamic languages. Higher-order functions and lambda computing. Functional programming in dynamic languages. Integration with other languages, the concept of "Glue Language". Overview and taxonomy of modern web frameworks.

Overview of the course elements

The course comprises laboratory classes. The content of the course consolidates and extends the knowledge delivered during the lectures.

Reading list

1. D.Mertz “Text processing in Python”
2. M.Pilgrim “Dive into Python”

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