System modelling and simulation


Aim of the course

The lecture is aimed to introduce the issues related to modeling and computer simulation of discrete, continuous processes, special simulation methods and the use of simulation methods in the programming of computer game algorithms.

Lecture programme

Basic types of simulation. Discrete Simulation. The concept of process, process state, event, process simulation algorithm. Deterministic, non-deterministic, complex process. Examples. Ways to describe the process, the analysis of process states. Ways to describe the complex process, decomposition process, a process component, object, description of the action object. Methods for creating process models discrete examples. The concept of simulation plan, the use of simulation plan to realize a simulation process. Example of discrete simulation system. Methods for optimization of simulation process. Examples of discrete simulation of complex processes. Simulation of continuous processes. Description of continuous processes using simulation, examples. Special methods of simulation, the simulation of concurrent processes using evaluation networks. Examples of the simulation of communication protocols. Introduction to the issues of the simulation of processes going on in continuous environments. Usage of simulation methods in the programming of computer games.

Overview of the course elements

Laboratory classes allow students to practice the preparation of simulation model of a complex process on their own. Programming a simulation algorithm and execution of sample experiments. The usage of simulation methods for programming game algorithms, learning the libraries supporting the programming of simulation and computer game algorithms.

Reading list

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