Techniques and languages of programming I


Aim of the course

To acquaint students with the C ++ language and programming in C ++, including object-oriented programming techniques and generalized programming.

Lecture programme

History of of the C language. Elements of the C language syntax. Expressions. Functions. Basic support for object-oriented programming. Class hierarchies and polymorphism. Exceptions. Operator overloading. Templates (patterns). Generalized programming. Standard Library. Evolution: Library Boost, Technical Report 1, the proposal for the C++0x standard.

Overview of the course elements

The course comprises exercises and laboratory classes. The content of these classes is aimed to consolidate and extend the knowledge delivered during lectures.

Reading list

1. Brian Kernighan, Denis Ritchie – Język ANSI C, WNT, 2004, s. 358.
2. Bjarne Stroustrup – Język C++ wydanie VII, WNT, 2004, s. 976.
3. Bruce Eckel – Thinking in C++ edycja polska. Wydawnictwo Helion, 2002, s. 642.
4. Bruce Eckel, Chuck Allison – Thinking in C++ edycja polska tom II. Wydawnictwo Helion, 2004, s. 687.
5. E. Gamma, R. Helm, R. Johnson, J. Vlissides – Wzorce projektowe. Elementy oprogramowania obiektowego wielokrotnego użytku, WNT, 2008, s. 456.

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