Techniques and languages of programming II


Aim of the course

Gaining skills and competencies in creating Java programs. Mastering basic design patterns, practical ability of object-oriented programming. Basic techniques for creating business-oriented software.

Lecture programme

The syntax of the Java language. Obiect-orientedness and reflection. Java Collections. Concurrent Programming in Java. Event-driven programming. Creation of graphical interfaces using AWT and Swing libraries. XML. Refactoring. Test Driven Development.

Overview of the course elements

Laboratory classes are within the course. The content of the course consolidates and extends the knowledge taught during the lectures.

Reading list

1. B.Eckel, “Thinking in Java”
2. The Java Tutorial
3. M.Fowler et al. „Refactoring – Impoving the Design of Existing Code”
4. E.Gamma et al “Design Patterns – : Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software”

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