Wprowadzenie do semantyki języka naturalnego (en)


Aim of the course

The lecture is a continuation of the lecture "Natural Language Processing." It is an introduction to the issues of describing semantics and shows the importance of the semantic motivation of natural language processing algorithms.

Lecture programme

The symbolic nature of language data. Component-wise semantics - semantic features, binary classification of features, diagnostic contexts. Relational description of semantics - syntagmatic and paradigmatic relationships, semantic relationships, semantic dictionary, WordNet. Procedural semantics - dual meaning of the verb (elementary event and its circumstances).) Conceptual Dependency - scenarios, plans and topics. Semantic parsing. Associative networks. Associative lists. Inductive methods in text processing. Simulation of human cognitive abilities (learning machine). Automatic extraction of information from the text. Comprehension of text.

Overview of the course elements

The course includes also project classes. Topics include the issues related to with the problems of description and the processing of meaning of words and phrases of natural language. The issues of the projects can be an introduction to the topic of M.Sc. thesis.

Reading list

1. J.Lyons “Wstęp do językoznawstwa” , PWN, 1975
2. J.Lyons “Semantyka” t.1 i 2, PWN, 1989
3. W. Lubaszewski, “Słowniki komputerowe i automatyczna ekstrakcja informacji z tekstu”, UWND AGH, 2009

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