Cisco Show and Share


Cisco Show and Share provides means to share video content through web sites and to let people gather around published videos. It features most of what one could expect from modern community portal focused on user-provided videos, i.e.

  • searching for content (both basic and advanced)
  • filters and views for lists of content
  • comments
  • tags
  • associating videos
  • support for recording video
  • basic editing tools


On the left: categories and tag cloud. The rest of the screen is taken by a list of movies with details. On the top of the list: featured videos with larger thumbnails.


Recording is supported directly within Cisco Show and Share when USB camera, USB microphone or embedded webcam is used. When it's not enough, user may use other software. Editing tools comprise clipping, splitting, adding transitions, slide synchronization, etc.

Some other features are available as well:

  • notifications whenever new content appears
  • support for author-provided text transcript of the video
  • serving content-related files
  • support for slides associated with the video content

Window for administrating live webcast users' Q&A.

Cisco Show and Share has a modular design. By itself it is not a standalone solution, as it require some base components to be present. Other components may extend its functionality. The most user-noticeable extension is perhaps due to Live Event module. With Cisco Show and Share augmented with mentioned module, live webcasts become available, and seer can participate two ways:

  • by asking questions through a chat
  • by voting in live polls

This way live webcasts are no longer limited to one-sided communication, but become an event that users may actively take part in.

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