Intelligent Information Systems


Cel przedmiotu

The aim of the subject is to introduce Intelligent Information Systems -- a class of computer-based systems that are roughly characterized by elements of intelligence (not only artificial) and decentralization (in the sense of decision making) stemming from autonomy of their subsystems.

Program wykładu

Main functions of IIS: information and decision ones. Connections between development of hardware and architecture of IIS. Examples of existing and possible IIS. Features of IIS: distribution (of information sources and destinations, mobility), existence of autonomous subsystems (distinction of goals and management, confidentiality of data and procedures), decentralization (bounded rationality, cooperation on the basis of negotiated agreements), intelligence (hybrid as an effect of coexistence of IIS [artificial] and human beings). Software agents systems as a means for realization of IIS. Introduction to multi-agent systems. Basic notions and definitions. The vicinity and environment of a multi-agent system, its spatial structure, resources, notion of integrity of a system. Rationality of agents: action selection mechanism, reactive agent, agent with the strategy (cognitive). Communicating agents. The systems of open communication – KQML, FIPA. Organizing and self-organizing agents: negotiation, auction, appropriate protocols. Information agents as realization of interface with the environment.

Charakterystyka pozostałych zajęć


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