Invitation to a seminar

Date Place Time
Wednesday (04.06.2014) room 3.23 12:30-13:30

Highly scalable, distributed, cloud-based architecture using Scala, actor model and RESTful Web Services

Stefan Spahr - Lufthansa Systems, Berlin
Andrzej Dębski, Bartłomiej Szczepanik - Computer Science students at AGH, Kraków

The talk will present the first results of building a prototype to demonstrate  the industrial use case of Lufthansa Systems within the EU funded “PaaSage” research project on model-based Cloud platform upperware. The topics will include:
 - Why Scala & reactive programming
 - Goal - Lufthansa Systems application
 - CQRS design pattern
 - Akka persistence, clustering, reactive-streams
 - Neo4j graph database
 - Initial evaluation, scenarios, benchmarks

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