Grupa Rozproszonych Systemów Komputerowych

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Distributed Systems Research Group (DSRG) is currently led by Professor Krzysztof Zieliński. The group addresses challenges arising in the field of computer science not only by keeping an eagle eye on the newest trends but also actively contributing to their development, as in the case of introduction of the adaptive service oriented architecture (adaptive SOA). DSRG members continue at the cutting edge of the areas underlying the creation of modern distributed systems and networks, including smart mobile solutions. The group contributes its experience with introduction of intelligent techniques in system design, such as self-configuration capabilities, adaptability, self-monitoring etc. These techniques are developed in the context of such technologies as SDN, ONEPk and SDDC laying down the framework of a modern cloud architecture. Important aspects of the group’s research in the area of system application include telemedicine, AAL-systems, environmental monitoring and Smart City.


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