Zakres badań


Artificial intelligence and expert systems:

* development of expert systems;
* knowledge bases;
* methods of knowledge acquisition;
* machine learning;
* evolutionary computation;
* neural networks;
* artificial immune systems;

General problems of multi-agent systems

* development of specific agent architectures;
* maintaining of functional integrity of multi-agent systems;
* conflicts, compromises and negotiations;
* market approach, renewable resources management;

Computational science:

* hierarchical genetic algorithms,
* modeling of heuristic systems,
* adaptive finite element method simulations,
* Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Engineering (CAD/CAE) systems
* parallel direct solvers for distributed and shared memory architectures
* isogeometric analysis

Intelligent agent-based information and decision support systems

* rule-based decentralized expert systems;
* knowledge aquisition in heterogenous environments;
* group decision support systems;
* e-commerce;
* systems for computer-aided teaching;
* expert systems for casting defects diagnosis;
* frameworks for information shopping systems;

Organization of computation process using multi-agent systems:

* evolutionary multi-agent systems;
* adaptive multiobjective optimization and classification techniques - approaches based on neural networks and fuzzy logic;

Technology of multi-agent systems

* mobility in network environment;
* interoperability between different agent platforms;

Methodology of design and implementation of information systems:

* relational and object oriented databases;
* CASE methodology;
* data mining;
* data on-line analytical processing (OLAP)
* social network analysis.

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