IA - Interoperability Architecture


Interoperability Architecture (IA) provides a uniform platform for applications' development over a family of languages and software tools, in a distributed environment. As a building IA component serves STUB specified in a form of generic module which may be customized for different languages and software tools. Orbix, CORBA-compliant system is used as a glue.


Status of the project

At this moment IA enables cooperation of components from Strand (info: strand88@sstl.uucp), PCN, Linda, ANSA and Orbix (which also serves as a glue). One with the most important objectives of this work was achieving transparency of services' invocations between components from different environments. For this purpose, stream-like communication mechanism with other IA's environments was developed for declarative systems (Strand, PCN) and Linda, and an idea of gateway was applied for object-oriented systems (ANSA, Orbix).

Current work

  • Translation of more advanced data types between various languages
  • Coordination of components activity
  • Trading of components services
  • Distribution of Dispatching and Binding Module in Orbix
  • Fault-tolerance of components cooperation

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